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Office Ally 24/7 Web Based EHR Medical Records – The Nickel Tour

April 23, 2010

Are you a small practice and not sure which way to go with electronic medical records?  At Office Ally we offer our 24/7 full featured EHR system.  Being the records are web-based and housed on our servers, it is available to physicians 24 hours a day.

Here are a few common screenshots of how it look.  The software has the familiar “Windows” format, so it has an automatic feeling of familiarity for anyone who has used a PC.  There is a tab bar across the top for quick navigation and each screen has “shortcuts” to other parts of the program so there’s no need to have to navigate additional windows to locate another part of the chart.


Here’s one good example showing the “check in” screen which would be used by the front desk, who may not have or need access to other parts of the patient chart.  Permission are also set up when beginning to use the system so employee and physician access is addressed to allow access to where they need to be. 


Here’s an example of a lab result which has been returned and automatically entered into the chart.  In addition, you can establish your own levels of alerts.  Each physician may have their own preferences in what they want to receive.  The physician also signs off with having read the report.  sshot-3

A pop up window will show and ask what needs to be updated to get a confirmation to ensure this is what needs to be done.    In the Manage Office area is where the preferences are set up.  Also notice on the tabs there’s a document center where patient items can be uploaded and added to the chart. 

There’s also a connection to the patient port and this comes in handy when patients are enrolled and using “Patient Ally” our free PHR (personal health record).   

Practice Mate – Free Physician Sign Up for Patient Ally – E-Visits Made Simple


Now that the alert window has been dismissed we have a clear view of the patient chart.  The modules on how they are shown on the screen can also be moved around.  As an example if you did not want the demographics item to be shown as most of this is listed at the top, it can be hid.

For another example, if you wanted the progress notes at the top, simply drag the modules and adjust to your preferences. 


Looking below is a glance at our e-prescribing module.  It has all the drug interactions included. All allergies are included here as well in bold print so they are not missed. 


The search elements used have the same “feeling” and look throughout.  The screen  below shows how to locate and find status on patient documents in the system. 

This is a quick and easy way to review and make sure all have been signed off. 


Office Ally 24/7 Electronic Medical Records – $29.95 A Month

The low cost and subscription fees can you started right away.  If you are not ready for the full leap yet, you can also sign up for our “Lite” version which will get you set up with using the medical records to securely communicate with patients via Patient Ally.

What ever your choice may be, if later on you decide to make a full office purchase with a competitor, and we hope you don’t, but in case that is the decision, your patient records can all be transferred so you don’t have anything to lose here! 

Give us a call and get started and see how all the modules work together! 

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