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Office Ally Medical Billing Services–Let Us Do Your Billing and Get Our Software Suite for Free, Including Our 24/7 Web Based EHR

October 21, 2010

A few weeks ago we announced our new medical billing services availability.  Its easy to get started and one item to think about is if you are already using a billing service you could switch and get our 24/7 EHR to include e-prescribing for free.  We understand that many offices may have some longtime associations with services that have been used for years; however now might be the time to take a look and see what consolidation may have to offer. 

One of the advantages a practice would see with our billing services is the use of our billing/schedule software, Practice Mate.  At any time various reports can be pulled and read to see the status of one account or one of the many other reports available, perhaps those accounts over 90 days past due for a simple example. 

This could stand to save time in not having to make phones calls, wait for a fax report, etc.  imageIt’s something with food for thought.  Our new billing services will make it easier for physicians, hospitals and clinics to receive prompt and accurate reimbursement from insurance companies and patients.

Office Ally becomes the only organization in the country to offer providers a full complement of revenue cycle management services including a patient portal, electronic health records, a practice management system, a clearinghouse and now the billing service.


The services include daily charge entry, daily posting of payments and daily electronic filing to Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurance companies.   We will provide monthly patient statements and monthly billing and collection support as well as insurance appeals and denials which tend to take up a lot of administrative time.


Our fees similar to many billing services are charged by a percentage.  One other great item included is Reminder Mate, which is normally a subscription item and that is part of the free software too when using Office Ally Medical Billing. 

Reminder Mate – Automatically Calls Patients for Appointment Reminders

Checking eligibility is no problem either and this is important to have as insurance carriers and patients are changing plans and enrollments quite frequently. 


For a quote click here and complete the billing service questionnaire which is in pdf format which will ask for your top 10 payers and a few other relative questions to include what your last 3 months activity included as well will need some very basic information to enable us to give you a quote. 

Upon completion of the questionnaire email it to Tina.Bishop@officeally.com or fax it to (360) 896-2151, Attention:  Tina

All of Office Ally software modules work together and when it comes time for stimulus money with us you are not going to be spending more money than you are today (our medical billing might improve this picture) and be able to qualify for meaningful use as described by the US government.  Remember too we are web based so there is no time consuming installation to be done and all training is done via remote support. 

One other note worth mentioning too is that your patients will be getting a free PHR with Patient Ally, so lab information, claims, and more will be available for their use too so everyone wins. 

Benefits for Patients:

Your doctors can access the latest information from your record, and even keep in touch using Patient Ally’s communication system. You may also send your forms and other related information to your doctor all through Patient Ally …while at the comfort of your desk. image

  1. Pre-built Forms: Fill out all the forms you need once, and never fill them out again.
  2. Appointments: Request, reschedule and cancel appointments with your provider online.
  3. Inbox: Communicate with your provider(s) through Patient Channel using Patient Ally’s internal Inbox.
  4. Document Center: Upload all medical documents once, and use the inbox to send the documents to your providers.
  5. Laboratory Results: View the latest lab results from your provider from your PC, anytime and anywhere.
  6. Vitals: View the latest vitals in charts from your doctor visits, or enter and keep track of your own vitals. A Health opinion system will give you recommendations based on your vital history.

Patient Ally makes it easy and simple for patient to have their own personal health record prepopulated with the information they need and want.

Email Us at info@officeally.com
Call Us at (866) 575-4120  Option 3



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