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Office Ally Web Site Gets an Update – Announcing Our Fresh New Look And Features

June 23, 2010 Comments off

If you are an Office Ally client, you are probably more than familiar with our website image and the functionality we offer.  Today the news gets better as we have been working diligently to provide some new additional features as well as functionality to our site and wanted to take a moment to preview what you can expect in the next few days when you log on.

The newly designed website brings all our services together under one portal, thus making it easier to find and locate the services you want to access.   Also in an effort to keep our clients up to date, we have added a column for current events and news, so along with

You can also follow us on Twitter and keep tuned in to the Office Ally Blog for additional imageinformation as we update and comment on current trends in Health IT and the goals and efforts where we focus with “meaningful use” and other new technologies. 

The image below is a preview that gives you an idea of how the new website will appear as of June 26th.  We have changed our colors too.  If you are looking to log on, we just moved the link to the left, so this is the “new” starting point. 

Navigation will be much easier and a searchable payer list has been added, a big timesaver.  Also don’t forget we offer free 24/7 live phone customer service for all our services, so whether your are a provider, a hospital or a patient working with our Practice Mate PHR, support is available support for all. 


Recently we commented on our commitment with “meaningful use” and our internal audit processes and a relative post can be found on the blog below. 

Meaningful Use And Stimulus Incentives Explained In a Nutshell

The press release concerning our internal audit commitment can be read in it’s entirety here.

Office Ally is offering a 100% money-back guarantee to clients if its products—for any reason—does not meet meaningful use guidelines.

Most of our products are free though for providers with the exception of our EHR system which is by monthly subscription, and this is where our guarantee commitment stands strong. 

You can also follow our updates on Facebook and become a fan, where as all you need to do is select the “Like” button and all updates will be fed to your home page. 

Stop over and take a look after June 26th and let us know what you think, as your feedback is important to us!

Office Ally – Visit Us At Pri-Med East June 16-19th At the Javits Center

June 17, 2010 Comments off

Office Ally will be at Pri-Med East  this year and we are located in booth 429.  Stop by and see live demonstrations of all our web based products. 

Office Ally offers a suite of internet based solutions FREE to the provider. Full service clearinghouse, free Practice Management System, Personal Health Records, Case Management and our comprehensive EHR for only $29.95 per/month/provider.

imageSet up and training, 24/7 tech-support, real-time transactions, ERA???s, order labs and prescriptions online???all FREE.  or call us at 1-866-575-4120


Did you know that you can as a provider get paid for e-visits?  Stop by the booth and we will be happy to explain and share some of the information with you.  You can also view the blog post here to see some additional images of our 24/7 EHR.

We hope to see you there and welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how our web based modules function, and while you are there, be sure and sign up for our “free” clearinghouse services, no matter what software you might be using as our web based system works with most.

Below is the Pri-Med brochure with additional information. 

You can find us right across from the Merck booth on the exhibition floor. 


Office Ally’s 24/7 Customer Service – Real Time In Person Telephone Conversations When You Need It

May 18, 2010 Comments off

You can step back and read this headline again if you like.  In the area of Health IT today, free customer service may not always be easy to come by, much less 24/7 availability.

During off peak hours we will have “live humans” to talk to you just like we do during the day, so it’s not just 24/7 service on the internet by helping yourself.   There will be fewer representatives on duty during non peak hours so be patient in the case all lines are busy, and if you leave a message you will get a call back as soon as our representatives complete their prior phone call. 

Phone: (866) 575-4120  
You can also email us at any time.

If you are a medical biller; and we all know that medical billing can take place at all hours of the day and need support with Practice Mate, we are here to help.

PrMate Add new

If you need help and assistance with our 24/7 EHR medical records program, we are there for physicians too.  Our customer support staff is located in the US so you are not being directed overseas.  All our customer service representatives are well versed with all our products.


If you are a patient working with entering or editing your personal health record with Patient Ally, we can help you after hours too. 

This is a key point because as a physician or hospital, your patients will have the support they desire when they need it beyond the standard 8 to 5 workings hours. 


Practice Mate – Free Physician Sign Up for Patient Ally – E-Visits Made Simple

Keep in mind our 24/7 EHR will allow physicians and patients to connect whereby “e-visits” are facilitated and the physicians get reimbursed.  We are doing this right now for all Blue Shield patients in California with connecting to their physicians and it saves money where an office visit may not be necessary.   Having this availability saves money for the patients too. 

We are working hard to make sure we are there to help and take care of your questions and concerns all hours of the day.

We hope this added benefit, along with most of our services being “free of charge” will be compelling enough to entice you to give us a try as we continue to work hard to earn your business! 

Remember our clearinghouse services for doctors and hospitals are free as long as 50% of your claims are commercial, which means we can scrub and submit your Medicare and Medicaid claims too. 

Practice Mate – Free Physician Sign Up for Patient Ally – E-Visits Made Simple

March 11, 2010 1 comment

Practice Mate is our free online medical billing software.  It is web based so there is nothing  to download and install.  Patient Ally is our free PHR (personal health records) program that also costs $0 for physicians (and patients)  to join and become part of the network.  Why join?  When physicians join the network, you are “searchable”, in other words new potential and existing patients can find you, and E-Visits become available. 

If you are already signed up with Practice Mate, there is a screen under the Office Set Up area where physicians can join.  Below is a screenshot of what this looks like. 


The next screen will offer some additional choices, in other words make the physician “searchable”. 


Also, when in network, you have the opportunity to securely communicate with patients and the ability to communicate with other physicians “in network”.


In Practice Mate, we have added a template for billing. 

Practice Mate Billing and Appointment Scheduling Software – E-Visit Template Added

Below is an example of what a sample patient list looks like from the “Patient Portal”.  The portal will show the status on each communication item and the ability to edit, delete, etc. 


Below is a screenshot of a sample patient record.  Has your patient had any recent labs?  What medications is the patient taking?  It will all be shown on the Health Record.  This same information is available to the patient via Patient Ally. 

When viewing the patient health record you could possibly discover recent labs or medications prescribed from another physician.  In addition, we also update the records from the payer records, in other words recent claim information on services provided for the patient. 


If the patient is “in network” and has a Patient Ally account, all of this is possible.  All our modules are integrated and work with each other, so all the billing, claim information is available.  If you are using the Practice Mate scheduler, all the patient appointments are visible as well.  If you look at the screenshot above, you can see the available tabs across the top of the screen. 

As a reminder, all information is stored securely at Office Ally on our servers and we have been the “free” clearinghouse of choice for physicians and are providing claim information attached to the patient files.

We are providing this service to those insured by Blue Shield in the state of California to provide E-Visit services for patients and their physicians. 

Patient Ally Expanding Services to Blue Shield Customers in California

Blue Shield Member?
Visit our Blue Shield Patient Ally Site.

For Inquiries and feedback, please email us at:

Phone: 888-PHR-4ALL

Please give us a call if you have any questions and we can help you get through the enrollment process.  We have real “humans” to walk you through and answer your questions!

Visit the Office Ally Website –

Choosing The Right Clearinghouse Office Ally – Practice Resource Company

March 2, 2010 Comments off

A couple days ago a medical software practice management/billing company talked about the services Office Ally has to offer.

You can see by the comments made below, the word “free” is very important as it would be to any practice.  For years the company remained neutral when it came to suggesting who to use in the medical clearinghouse business.  

When keeping 50% of the claims commercial, Office Ally is able to electronically submit your Medicare and Medicaid claims for no charge.  Many companies bill providers for this service and with the ratio maintained, it is free for our clearinghouse services.  We appreciate Practice Resource adding us to their recommended partner list and will work hard to keep earning that reputation. 

Use the link in the right hand corner to visit our web site and see what we have to offer to meet your medical clearinghouse needs. 



Every week we are asked which clearinghouse we recommend for practices that are just starting to consider filing insurance claims electronically.  Or a customer will ask whether our electronic claim transmittals are compatible with their current clearinghouse, but then we find out that they are not very happy with the service provided by the existing service provider.   

For years we avoided recommending any single clearinghouse, believing that most clearinghouses were just as capable as any other.  But we have reached a new conclusion after working with dozens of clearinghouses over the past five years.  They are not all the same, and one clearinghouse appears to have emerged as the one that we can endorse without reservation –



And the best news of all is that Office Ally’s clearinghouse services are absolutely FREE!  As long as a sufficient percentage of a customer’s claims are filed with commercial insurance carriers, Office Ally will process even Medicare and Medicaid claims at no charge to the therapist.  Commercial carriers pay clearinghouses to process claims, providing the revenue that the clearinghouse needs to remain in business.  Medicare and Medicaid do not pay for claims processing, so most clearinghouses charge for processing those claims.  But Office Ally does not, as long as the percentage of commercial claims is sufficiently high.

So, when you are looking for a clearinghouse to process your electronic claims, is the right one for you.  And The Practice Resource is the right practice management system to create those claims for electronic submission.

Choosing The Right Clearinghouse

Office Ally is Now on Facebook – Become A Fan

March 1, 2010 Comments off

You can now follow us on Facebook, write on our wall and add comments.  We will be making updates as time goes along but feel free to add comments, questions. 

If you currently use Facebook, then you know the routine.  We look forward to hearing from you and hope you will become a fan! 


Practice Mate Billing and Appointment Scheduling Software – E-Visit Template Added

February 10, 2010 1 comment

Office Ally built it’s reputation by offering “free” clearing house services for physicians.  We started in California years ago and the number of physicians using our system is consistently growing.  Why pay for a clearinghouse service when you can use one for free.  Recently we announced Patient Ally our free PHR.  All the web based modules from Office Ally are modular to work and connect together.  This first screenshots shows how to add a template to an e-visit via our Practice Mate billing software.

PrMate e-vist

Did you know that Practice Mate also allows you to check eligibility online? Also when using  Practice Mate in combination with our clearinghouse services you have the option of having all your claim payments posted automatically. This is a big time saver.  Adding a new patient is a simple process and a template can be stored for each patient that includes all the insurance information, codes, etc. that is commonly billed for the patient.  This can be changed and updated at any time.

PrMate Add new

Claims are easy to look up and have several filtering features.  When a claim is scrubbed and errors are detected, they appear in the “repairable claims” section where edits can be made and the claim is resubmitted.  We also will bill your Medicare claims but ask that 50% of the claims submitted be those to insurers in order to provide complete free services.  If the balance goes over 50% there’s a monthly small charge assessed of no more than $25.00 to cover expenses.  If any of the insurers require paper bills we do those to, just indicate this when completing your list of insurers.  To make it easy we have a data base of most of the commonly billed electronic payers so this information does not need to be researched for every payer.

PrMate Claim Stats

Practice Mate has a page of Payer Lists which are both in pdf and spreadsheet format.  You can also get a list of UB payers.  We have a full library of manuals on how to get started and if you need help, our customer service department has “real people” who will answer the phone and help you get started.

prMate Payerlist

Do you need Patient Scheduling Software?  Practice Mate also has a “free” patient scheduler included with several views and reports.  Practice Mate is modular and appointments will show in the claim billing area for easy reference and also in the 24/7 EHR.  Why go out and spend a lot of money for appointment scheduling software when you can have a system for free, web based and accessible from anywhere.


If you are looking to find a Tablet PC we currently have our “Winter Prices” available for our customers for the Motion C-5.  The pdf is located on the Payer List page for additional information.


Office Ally As Featured in Deal Radar 2010 – About Us and How We Started

January 19, 2010 Comments off

Deal Radar 2010 had a nice pretty extensive write up on not only what we do today, but a history of how Office Ally started.  We began as a “free clearinghouse service for physicians and today that is still the core of our business.  They did such a nice job, why reinvent the wheel.

The link to the full article can be found at the bottom of the post.  

Office Ally is an electronic clearinghouse that acts as a go-between in processing insurance claims for doctors’ offices, clinics, and hospitals. Founder Brian O’Neill saw that although the United States often has the latest technology for clinical testing and patient care, it often lags when it comes to business operations in the health-care industry. O’Neill entered the market in 1999 with a physician as his partner—whom he bought out after about one year—at a time when the market was beginning to explode with opportunity and interest in health-care management technology and services for providers was increasing. The number of opportunities should only increase as the United States reforms its health-care system. The Department of Health and Human Services’ Centers for Medicare & Medicare Services (CMS) and the and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) recently issued two regulations to help implement the electronic health records (EHR) incentive programs enacted under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Based in Vancouver, WA, Office Ally’s core business consists of its clearinghouse; Practice Mate, a practice management system; EHR 24/7; Case Mate, a case management system; and Patient Ally, a patient portal that offers electronic office visits, messaging, and well care report cards. The company offers products free or at a very low cost. It gets its revenue from billing insurance companies, credit card processing, and e-prescribing. Office Alley helps insurers to communicate with patients and physicians; physicians communicate with patients and back around the circle in real time. For example, when a patient checks into a provider’s office, that office is notified that the patient needs a mammogram, or whatever procedure is recommended by the Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS)/Integrated Healthcare Association (IHA) or National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). The financial transaction is closed by Office Ally as well. The physician sees the patient, checks a few boxes on an electronic super-bill, and a claim is automatically generated and sent to the insurer. The insurer reimburses the physician and sends back the explanation of benefits electronically.In January 2010, Blue Shield of California and Office Ally announced the launch of a new Internet portal, Patient Ally, which will let Blue Shield members arrange online “e-visit” consultations with physicians, view lab results and immunization records, order prescription refills, get appointment reminders, and more.

The company’s clearing house is free to providers but charges insurers a per claim fee. EHR24/7, which meets the company’s current meaningful use requirements, is priced at $29.95 per month for the first physician and $15.95 for additional physicians within the same practice.

Office Ally was funded through O’Neill’s personal funds, initially a 401(k). The company now funds all new products and growth from revenues. However, VC funding could be a possibility as Office ally’s market grows. O’Neill ruled out an exit as an option and said that his focus at the moment is “on building this business and ensuring that my employees and I do all we can to provide great products at a great price with outstanding customer service and cutting health-care costs.”

Office Ally Offers Merchant Services – Get Approved, Get a Card Reader and You Are Set

December 17, 2009 Comments off

Would you like to be able to accept credit card and electronic check processing?  When you become a member and are set up with Office Ally, you get to take advantage of the group rates we have to offer.

If you are a “Practice Mate” user already, you can have automatic deposits into the accounting software, one less item to do manually.

Office Ally teams up with TransEngen to offer Credit Card and electronic check (ACH) processing – available at a special low cost group rate for all Office Ally clients. Best of all, services are already integrated into Office Ally applications, so set-up and implementation is quick and seamless. For Practice Mate users, receive automatic posting of payments directly into your patient accounts. This new partnership brings solutions to Office Ally clients to help reduce the continuing trends of increased bad debt and slower payment cycles, and create more efficient administrative processes to collect patient payments.

  • Take advantage of low cost group rates – better than you could achieve independently
  • Eliminate the need for a separate credit card terminal and dedicated phone line, freeing up valuable desk space and saving you money
  • Accept credit cards and check cards via the Office Ally virtual terminal
  • Supports direct debit from patient’s checking or savings account and converts paper checks to electronic funds transfers
  • For Practice Mate users, receive automatic posting of payments into your accounts and 24/7 tracking ability via the Office Ally Website
  • Manage your account via online reporting with detailed payment transaction reports
  • Easily access credit card services without disruptions to ongoing business or change in banking relationship

Here’s all you’ll need to do to get started: Establish a Merchant Account
Simply contact an Office Ally Payments Expert at 877-696-6426 to establish your merchant account. Opening an account can be quickly and easily accomplished over the telephone. Our payments experts will walk you through all your options, and provide a FREE cost savings analysis to provide you with the best rates possible as a preferred Office Ally client.

You can find out more about our Merchant Services here.

We also have a phone number with “real” people who answer to help you out too.


This is one are where Office Ally doesn’t skimp, we use real people to help you along the way.

Welcome To the Office Ally Blog

November 30, 2009 Comments off

Office Ally began a number of years ago as a “free” clearinghouse service for physicians.  Since beginning in southern California, we have relocated to Vancouver, Washington in the last year.

Please check in from time to time and follow us on Twitter to keep up with news and events that are happening.   Why pay for clearinghouse services when you can utilize our services and software, Practice Mate, for billing, which is free.


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