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Office Ally Selected at the First EHR Vendor for LA REC Center (Los Angeles)

February 25, 2011 1 comment

In case you missed the press release put out earlier today, you can see the announcement made by the nation’s largest REC Center in the Los Angeles area.  Our President and founder, Brian O’Neill also was featured in online publication calling for the the prices of medical record systems to become affordable.  If you are an Office Ally 24/7EHR user then you know we are committed to bringing our software as a service applications to providers at a very reasonable price and we offer billing and accounting services for free along with our clearing house services.

Opening the Floodgate for EHRs-Installations Will Rise as System Prices Go Down

As you may or may not be aware, the regional centers across the US are designed to help providers select and get support for the transition to electronic medical records.  Back in December of 2010, Office Ally received our ONC-ATCB Certification to support meaningful use.  Membership with the HITEC-LA center is free and all the registration information, dates, etc. for registration is included at the site. 

Office Ally Achieves ONC-ATCB Certification To Support Meaningful Use for Providers

The full press release was also announced at the Los Angeles HITEC-LA website. 

HITEC-LA Selects Office Ally as First Announced EHR Vendor

Office Ally’s EHR 24/7 Offers Simple and Affordable Option for Los Angeles County Providers to Convert to EHRs and Receive Incentive Payments

VANCOUVER, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Office Ally announced today that HITEC-LA, the regional extension center (REC) for the nation’s largest county, has selected Office Ally as one of its preferred electronic health record (EHR) vendors. Certified by the imageOffice of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), Office Ally’s EHR 24/7 product helps providers meet meaningful use requirements and as a result, qualify for incentives under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

“We selected Office Ally as our first EHR vendor to announce since many of our small and solo member practices are looking for a product that not only helps them adopt EHRs and improves the quality of care that they deliver, but ultimately keeps their costs as low as possible”

“We selected Office Ally as our first EHR vendor to announce since many of our small and solo member practices are looking for a product that not only helps them adopt EHRs and improves the quality of care that they deliver, but ultimately keeps their costs as low as possible,” says Mary Franz, executive director for HITEC-LA. “We think Office Ally is a great addition to what will soon be a full range of EHR vendors that we will offer our members.”

HITEC-LA was founded in 2010 when the federal government awarded L.A. Care Health Plan a grant to establish the exclusive REC for Los Angeles County. HITEC-LA helps Los Angeles County health care providers select the right EHR system for their practices and guides them through the entire implementation process to achieve meaningful use.

“We are thrilled with this new affiliation with HITEC-LA,” says Office Ally President and CEO Brian O’Neill. “I’m certain that our customers will find the HITEC-LA’s assistance to be extremely valuable in helping them implement our software and achieve meaningful use.”

Office Ally’s EHR 24/7, which costs providers just $29.95 a month, is the base of what will be offered to HITEC-LA members. In addition, HITEC-LA members will receive additional interfaces and technical support, all for a low fixed monthly fee. Set-up and unlimited training are included, along with free clearinghouse, practice management, and patient health registry services all integrated with the EHR. Office Ally is able to extend this exceptional value to providers because it is the only organization in the country to offer them a full suite of revenue-cycle management services.

“As part of the standard contract that we secured with Office Ally, our member providers who are interested in this option can receive the standard product, meaningful use templates, health information exchanges, other interfaces, and complete support bundled together for an all-inclusive fee,” says Ali Modaressi, director of EHR Technology for HITEC-LA. “We have come to an agreement with Office Ally that is provider-centric and takes the confusion out of purchasing an EHR.”

“We are finding the marketplace tremendously receptive to our products because we’ve designed them to be affordable, simple to use, and easy to integrate with each other,” says O’Neill.

The federal government is encouraging all providers to adopt EHRs as a way to improve quality, safety, efficiency and access. Part of the economic stimulus package passed by Congress in 2009 provides incentive payments for Medicaid and Medicare providers that adopt and use certified EHRs. There are also consequences for Medicare providers who do not adopt a certified EHR by 2015 – they will be penalized 1 percent of Medicare payments, increasing to 3 percent over three years.

An EHR is a patient record in digital format that is capable of being shared confidentially and securely across different healthcare settings. Such records may include a full range of data in comprehensive or summary form, including demographics, medical history, medications and allergies, immunization status, laboratory test results, radiology images, and billing information.


Founded in 2000, Office Ally currently works with more than 150,000 providers and 4,400 insurance carriers in all 50 states. It also houses eligibility for nearly 400 IPAs and small health plans. Its complete suite of interactive ASP, Internet-based solutions include a patient health registry – Patient Ally™, electronic health records – EHR 24/7™, practice management – Practice Mate™, and clearinghouse and case management – Case Mate™. All of Office Ally’s products and services are offered at minimal or no cost to providers, with training and technical support available 24/7. Further information may be obtained at

Health Information Technology Extension Center for Los Angeles (HITEC-LA) is the exclusive federally designated REC for Los Angeles County, charged with helping doctors and primary care providers select, implement, and use electronic health records in a meaningful way. HITEC-LA helps providers assess their technology needs as well as offers education, training, and onsite technical assistance. For more information, visit HITEC-LA, a project of L.A. Care Health Plan, is funded by the ONC, Department of Health and Human Services, Award Number: 90RC0052/01.

One client at HITEC-LA provided this testimonial:


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Call Us at (866) 575-4120

Office Ally Free Clearinghouse Services–You Have A Choice With Your Software or Ours

August 5, 2010 Comments off

Did you you that we accept claims in these formats, CMS1500, UB04, and ADA. 

Why is our service free to hospitals and providers – we collect reimbursement from the insurers, the ones who actually benefit in getting your medical claims processed.image without having to do the same in house.

All claims are scrubbed and reviewed for errors and when mistakes and issues are found you have the opportunity to correct and we send them again.

You can use your existing software to submit claims too and presently we submit to over 2300 payers.  If you get stuck we have 24/ customer service representatives to help you out, real people and not just web services as to fully support our clients we realize you need both as sometimes billing is not always done during the house of 8:00 to 5:00.

Office Ally’s 24/7 Customer Service – Real Time In Person Telephone Conversations When You Need Itimage

Phone: (866) 575-4120
You can also email us at any time.

If over half of your claims are commercial, then throw in your Medicare, Tricare, Champus and Medicaid claims too as this is the only thing we ask is that half are commercial and the rest ride along for free. 

When using your own software, and upon having an account with Office Ally simply upload your CMS 1500 or other print images to our secure servers. 

Recently one of our clients took time out to write about our services, Practice Resources.  Feel free to use the link below and see what they had to say and how they utilize what we have to offer.

Choosing The Right Clearinghouse Office Ally – Practice Resource Company

Not too long ago we improved our appearance on the web and all the lists you may be looking for can be found and downloaded from our lists below which are in pdf format, all centralized to make finding them easier. 


We have an entire suite of services most of which are free, but if you are not yet in the market to expand with practice management or an electronic medical record or if you are already set up, you can still take advantage of our free clearinghouse services. 


Visit our website at to learn more. 

Clearinghouse – Electronic Claims Processing, Medical Claims Clearinghouse

Office Ally 24/7 Electronic Medical Records – $29.95 A Month

February 19, 2010 Comments off

Recently we launched Patient Ally, a free PHR for patients to store and add health record information.  Doctors too can participate in a free “lite” EHR which by imagesetting up an account with Office Ally.  If you are already using our free clearinghouse services, you already have an account to get started with and just need to enroll in our other services.

All medical records are stored on our secure servers, which means you have access to your records where ever you are.  If you are looking for Scheduling Software you can use Practice Mate, our free online billing software.

Registering for a new account at Office Ally is easy and simple and if you need help we have a full customer service department there to help you.


The format for our EHR is straight forward and if you have used Outlook and other Microsoft products, you should feel right at home.  The Tabs for accessing the areas of the chart are lined up across the top as you can see in the screen below.  Documents can also be uploaded to add to the chart.


With our full version 24/7 EHR you can also have access to send both labs and medications electronically.  If you prefer, a paper copy can also be printed and used instead.


Preferences for customized alerts can also be added.  Below is an example of an alert to call the patient about lab results.  Why pay thousand of dollars for an EHR when you can have all your records securely hosted and maintained on our servers.


EHNAC Accredited Office Ally is an accredited EHNAC organization.


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